Montcalm County Roads



April 13th – April 21st
July 13th – July 21st
Sept 21st – Sept 29th



The purpose of Adopt-A-Road is to involve Montcalm County citizens in keeping their local roads clean, safe, and attractive. Your group can adopt as little as one mile and as much as four miles. Any group of people can adopt a road. We encourage service organizations, schools, scout troops, senior groups and businesses to get involved in the program. Group participants must be at least 14 years of age or older unless otherwise approved.

Groups that request a specific roadside area will be assigned to that area on a first come, first serve basis. Every attempt will be made to assign you to your road of choice.

All groups that adopt a road will have a sign displayed on their portion of road recognizing their involvement in the program.

If your organization is interested in adopting a road contact:

Road Commission for Montcalm County
619 West Main Street
Stanton, Michigan 48888
(989) 831-5285


Only official “Adopt-A-Highway” trash bags should be used. These bags and reflective vests are available at the road commission’s Stanton office.

Hazardous, unidentifiable items and others which could present safety hazards should not be collected.

Local Adopt-A-Highway coordinators should be notified as to the location of these items.

Remove rubbish from as many grassy sections, including areas that are not mowed, within your adopted regions as possible.

Do not collect litter in the medians of expressways.

Re-enter expressways at the next safe interchange, instead of using median crossovers to turn around.

Following pickups, leave filled bags on the grass adjacent to pavement, but not on the paved areas.